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How Brex Raises $425M at a $7.4B Valuation

Brex, a corporate spend and credit card company, has closed $425 million in Series D funding at a $7.4 billion valuation. This news comes as the corporate spending wars continue to heat up in FinTech.

The round was led by DST Global and also included IVP, Greenoaks, Ribbit, and existing investor Y Combinator.

In this article, we will take a look at the details of Brex’s fundraising and the broader implications of this news.

Overview of Brex

Brex is a financial tech startup that offers an alternative to traditional corporate credit cards. Its goal is to provide corporations with a smarter, more efficient way to manage spending and increase cash flow. The company recently announced the successful completion of its Series C funding round, raising $425 million at a staggering $7.4 billion valuation. This marks the largest single-round private funding in the history of U.S.-based financial technology startups, making Brex one of Silicon Valley’s most successful firms.

Brex was founded in 2017 by Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Franceschi, two former entrepreneurs who wanted to simplify business expenses management processes for Corp-to-Corp (C2C) companies. Its platform helps corporate customers efficiently control their spending and enables them to monitor it on the go via their iOS or Android app. In addition, Brex offers multiple financing options such as cash advances, unsecured lines of credit and an integrated Spend Management System (SMS) that allows firms to manage payments data in real-time from multiple sources.

The successful fundraising round places Brex firmly at the center of the ongoing ‘corporate spend war’ as several technology players aim to capture market share of an increasingly competitive industry sector. Competing solutions include Invoice for Business (IFB), which focuses on automated billing process, Expensify Direct Connect (EDC), which provides real-time updates on SMB expense management, BillGo Payments Hub, & XeroStreams Accounts Payable (AP) solutions etc., – all vying for dominance in this space with organizations becoming increasingly reliant on virtual payment technologies with users flocking towards these solutions due to their ease of use compared to traditional methods such as paper checks or manual bank transfers.

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It is expected that competition between these tech players will continue over the coming years resulting in further innovations being introduced into this space making it even more lucrative than ever before & therefore challenging established payment processing providers like VISA & Mastercard who have dominated this industry traditionally due primarily to global incumbency advantages enjoyed by the established players since decades now but no longer seen as a barrier by technology startups who are quickly closing up this gap with constant innovations thus disrupting legacy systems embedded over many years globally for banks & other corporates resulting in them having no choice but also embracing similar tech solutions else risk being side lined eventually! Thus making it essential for all corporations handling large volumes of payments worldwide not only understand & appreciate such technological advancements quickly, but be overwhelmed by the same eventually!

Corporate Spend War

The corporate spend war has become increasingly competitive as companies look for more efficient ways to manage and optimize their finances. With the rise of high value valuation, capital-riches and high-growth companies, technology startups are venturing into new realms to seize larger market share. Brex is at the forefront of such startups that have emerged in recent years and have raised a massive $425M (at a $7.4B valuation) by leveraging its corporate services platform.

The company was founded in 2017 with an innovative approach to solving business expenses related problems amid the growing corporate spend war. By creating its own Visa credit card which prioritizes cash back over rewards points, Brex provides an easy and cost-effective way to manage business expenses while boosting spending power with cash backs up to 6%. This offers a massive advantage over traditional credit cards which often offer rewards points that don’t provide significant value for large business owners to finance bigger purchases or expansion plans.

Considering that large businesses sometimes require non-cash payment options for daily transactions, Brex tackled this shortcoming head on by introducing features such as its expense tracking tools, comprehensive vendor analytics and data visualization tools. Combining these useful features provides a great edge in meeting customer needs while allowing them access to rewards from their everyday spending activities at no additional charge beyond their subscription fees.

Brex also understands the need for tailored solutions for different customers and has launched customizable formats made specifically for different industries ranging from Biotech & Pharmaceuticals down to consumer services as well as emerging markets such as hospitality/dining establishments etc thus empowering them with powerful financial tools they can use without necessarily knowing conducting financial activities online or being technologically savvy.

Brex raises $425M at a $7.4B valuation, as the corporate spend war rages on

Brex, a financial technology company, recently announced its fundraising journey as it raised $425 million at a $7.4 billion valuation. This is a major milestone for the company and its investors, as it continues to build its presence in the corporate-spending space and compete with other entrenched players.

This article will analyze how Brex raised such a huge round at a high valuation, and what this means for the company’s future.

Series C Funding

In 2019, Brex raised a series C round of $425 million at an impressive pre-money valuation of $7.4 billion, making it one of the most valuable non banks in the world. DST Global and Iconiq Capital led this financing round. It included participation from existing investors such as Y Combinator Continuity Fund, Dragoneer Investment Group, Coatue Management LLC, Ribbit Capital, and Greenoaks Capital.

This fundraising effort was especially important for Brex as it came from a heated “corporate spend war” sparked by credit card providers attempting to grab market share in the rapidly expanding corporate card landscape. This resulted in an influx of funds into burgeoning fintech companies to remain competitive. With this massive $425 million raise under its belt, Brex is well-equipped to continue providing business customers with innovative solutions enabling them to better control their corporate spending and gain insights into their financial data.

Series D Funding

On October 7th, 2020, Brex announced a $425 million investment round, valuing the company at $7.4 billion. This incredible news marked the start of Brex’s extraordinary fundraising journey and highlighted how corporate spending solutions are now one of the hottest business categories in the world.

This latest investment round was a historic milestone for Brex, as it set a new record for startups that have raised money through their Series D funding round and showcased the appetite of traditional investors to back dynamic, innovative companies in this space.

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The capital infusion was led by existing investors Greyhound Capital and Sapphire Ventures, which more than doubled their already-substantial commitment. In addition, new investors who participated in this fundraise including Tiger Global Management LLC and Fidelity Management & Research Company underscored their faith in Brex’s potential to build upon its global presence and expand into new markets worldwide.

Together with other strategic investments made earlier than this series D round from influential venture capitalists such as DST Global, IVP and Y Combinator Continuity – it is clear that Brex is making quick strides towards achieving its mission to empower small businesses everywhere with access to effective digital financial services solutions for managing expense control efficiently and effectively at scale.

Impact of the Fundraising

Brex’s recent $425M fundraise at a $7.4B valuation brings the total funds in the corporate spending war to staggering amounts. This fundraising is expected to profoundly impact the landscape of the corporate spend war and will likely drive the competition between companies to greater heights.

Let’s take a closer look at the implications of this fundraising.

Impact on Brex’s Valuation

Brex’s impressive fundraising round is a notable milestone for the growing financial institution, as it now holds a staggering $7.4 billion valuation. This represents an increase of nearly 400% from Brex’s Series C valuation in 2019, which was only $1.1 billion. This surge in valuation comes as Brex works to diversify its product offering and expand its customer base beyond that of small businesses and into larger companies and organizations.

The massive infusion of capital raised by Brex is symbolic of the corporate spend war waged by tech startups in 2020. Spending becomes more competitive as these firms vie for market share and battle to win over new customers. With this tremendous influx of cash, Brex stands to benefit greatly in terms of its ability to expand into new areas, develop cutting-edge products, and secure strategic partnerships that can enhance its presence in the financial technology space.

At its current valuation, Brex’s total funding now stands at a significant $825 million from three rounds within the past two years alone-a clear indicator of a company that investors remain confident will continue to experience success throughout 2020 and beyond. It will be interesting to see how Brex puts this funding toward strategic initiatives that further entrench it as one of the top players in corporate expenditure solutions.

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Impact on the Corporate Spend War

The recent announcement of Brex’s successful funding round, which raised $425M at a staggering $7.4B valuation, demonstrates the ongoing strength of the corporate spend war. This is undoubtedly a major step forward for the fintech industry and a sign that large companies, such as American Express, PayPal, and Visa are determined to win the battle for control over corporate spend categories.

This impressive capitalization of Brex effectively tips the balance of power among businesses seeking to provide advanced attractive features to corporate buyers. Namely, these features include automation capabilities, expense tracking/management solutions, real time analytics/reporting tools and other proprietary methods to streamline corporate spend operations.

Brex’s success likely points towards more aggressive competition in this market segment for all participating vendors and reflects increasing client demand for sophisticated solutions to manage their day-to-day spend operations. As a result, companies within this competitive landscape may need to consider accelerating their efforts or face falling behind in their respective markets.


In conclusion, Brex’s latest funding round demonstrates that the corporate credit card is a worthy and valuable product, valued at a massive premium over other competitors in the field. This speaks to the corporate credit card market’s immense potential and the value that Brex can bring to the table.

Brex continues to battle with its competitors, and this latest funding could not have come at a more important time.

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