Edge’s Web Capture tool also works with PDF files in the latest Canary build

Edge Project Director and Designer at Mozilla, explains the benefits of a browser that includes PDF tools for users to collaborate in an encrypted way. Canary is one of the first browsers on market with this capability-and now it’s also available as part of our Web Capture Tool bundle!

The “web capture chrome” is a new feature in the latest Canary build of Edge. The tool, which was previously only available for Google Chrome, now also works with PDF files.

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  • One of the Microsoft Edge Insiders has discovered a new, beneficial function.
  • The famous Web Capture function in the browser is likely to astonish us all.
  • It seems to function with PDF files in the newest Canary release, believe it or not.
  • Microsoft is currently testing it, so no one knows when it will be released.

We all know that Edge’s Site Capture functionality enables users to take a variety of customizable snapshots of web content.

However, until today, when the newest Canary edition of Microsoft Edge allows the Web Capture button to operate even when the tab has opened a PDF file, this essential utility has never worked for PDF files.

We’ll be able to utilize the Web Capture function on PDFs very soon.

When a tab is showing a PDF file, the Web capture button and the option in the ellipsis menu remain grayed out on the current Edge stable release.

But don’t be frightened; this behavior has changed in the Microsoft Chromium-based web browser’s current Canary or experimental release.

Even if the tool isn’t perfect, the fact that Google is enabling it is a strong indication that the capability will be accessible for PDFs.

We’re all familiar with Web Capture as a strong tool that outperforms Web Notes and works over the internet.


All of these practical and helpful capabilities enabled Internet users to take screenshots of specific places, make comments, and share them seamlessly across numerous web-based platforms, including workplace collaboration applications.

Microsoft seems to be progressively permitting the usage of the Web Capture tool when reading a PDF file. When the Edge web browser was showing a PDF file, the business decided to stop the capability.

The individual who discovered this and uploaded it on Reddit also said that the tool is still in its early stages of development.

This suggests that Microsoft is still working on it and that the functionality is still available. However, given how quickly it emerged in the Canary edition, it should shortly be in the stable version of the web browser.

Are you looking forward to this new feature in the Edge browser? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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