CLAW Dawon Gaming Mouse Review, Best Budget Gaming Mouse!

With a price tag under $50, the CLAW Dawon Gaming Mouse was a budget-friendly option for gamers looking to get their hands on something they could use without worry. The mouse features an adjustable weight system that can be customized to any gamer’s preference and comes with 3 interchangeable weights. Additionally, the side buttons are programmable as well as customizable so you have full control over your gaming experience!

The “steelseries rival 3 best budget gaming mouse” is a budget-friendly, wired gaming mouse. The design has a claw grip and multiple colors to choose from.

Gaming is one of the categories that need not only competent players, but also decent equipment in order to function optimally. Gaming mice are one of those devices that, despite being in such a high price range, are nonetheless popular among gamers.

CLAW Dawon review

In comparison to normal mice, these mice are designed to be more exact and accurate with a faster reaction time. The item we’ll be looking at today belongs to the same category, but what makes it fascinating is its low price.

The Claw Dawon is a budget RGB gaming mouse from the Claw brand, which was founded in the United States. This game mouse is presently available for Rs. 699/-, which is a very reasonable price for a gaming mouse.

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As a result, the question arises: is it really worth the money? Let’s have a look.


Quality in Design and Construction

Claw’s design is clean and simple, with no extraneous design features. It features a rubberized matt texture on the top that lends a little traction to the mouse while also giving it a quality aesthetic. The scroller, too, has a rubber surface that makes scrolling a breeze.

CLAW Dawon review

The Claw logo is located within the palm rest, which is visible via a honeycomb design that lights up in tandem with the RGB lights. From the left to the right side of the mouse, there is a sleek RGB strip that runs underneath the logo.

On the top of the mouse, behind the scroller, there are two buttons: one for changing the DPI, and the other for controlling the RGB lights.

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Two thumb buttons and a fire button are located on the mouse’s left side. With a little roughness surrounding them, all three buttons are well seated. The right side of the mouse is kept simple, with no buttons and only a little roughness for added grip.

A 1.8-meter braided wire connects the mouse to a gold-plated, corrosion-free USB 2.0 connector. The cable is of high quality and should last a long time even if used often.

The Claw Dawon’s overall appearance and build quality are really outstanding for the amount it is being sold for. It features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use for extended periods of time.

CLAW Dawon review


The Claw Dawon includes with customization software to assist with mouse customisation. It includes all of the standard customization options, such as button customisation. When it comes to buttons, there are eight programmable buttons that can all be configured using the same software.

CLAW Dawon review

It features a total of 6 RGB effects that may be changed straight from the mouse button or through software. You may also adjust the brightness of the mouse using the program. You may even turn it off if you so choose.

CLAW Dawon software

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It has six different DPI modes that may be set up using the software. You may choose any DPI level between 500 and 8000.

CLAW Dawon software

Although Claw has not specified its polling rate, it should be somewhere between 130 and 150Hz, with a reaction time of roughly 5ms, according to our experience. These figures may seem underwhelming, but they are to be expected from a gaming mouse for around 1000 rupees. If you desire a polling rate of 1000Hz, you’ll need to increase your budget to 1500 Rs.


Now we’ll talk about one of the most crucial aspects of a gaming mouse: its performance. CLAW Dawon, as previously said, has an ergonomic design that makes it incredibly convenient. It’s a full-sized gaming mouse that fits practically any hand size.

The mouse weights roughly 120 grams, which isn’t exactly light, but it’s certainly not heavy. If you’re accustomed to an extremely light mouse, this may seem a little bulky at first, but it won’t take long for you to grow used to it. The six DPI options provide precise precision as well as increased efficiency.

CLAW Dawon review

In terms of gaming performance, we tried it on titles like CS:GO and Valorant, and it provided a generally satisfactory gaming experience. The mouse is quite snappy, and all of the buttons are haptic.

Final Thoughts

The Claw Dawon is a good value for money gaming mouse with a solid build. One of the major benefits of this mouse is its amazing ergonomic design, which makes it incredibly comfortable and simple to use even for extended periods of time.

Although if you’re a professional player, you’ll know this mouse isn’t for you, if you’re a recreational gamer or require a mouse for day-to-day use, this is undoubtedly the finest option under Rs. 1,000. Please see our thorough review on our YouTube channel: for additional details.


Claw Slide RGB Gaming Mouse Pad (Optional)

Along with CLAW Down, the business also released the CLAW Slide RGB Gaming mouse pad, which comes in big and XXL sizes. The CLAW Slide has a high build quality and 14 various RGB lighting spectrum options. Without a question, the CLAW Slide is one of the greatest premium RGB gaming mouse pads available for less than 1000 Rs.

CLAW Slide RGB mouse pad

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The “CLAW Dawon Gaming Mouse Review” is a product that has been released by the company of the same name. The device is a budget gaming mouse, but it still offers great performance and quality. Reference: best gaming mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is claw grip good for FPS?

A: Yes, claw grip is a very good grip for FPS.

What Mice are good for claw grip?

A: For a mouse that works for claw grip, I would recommend getting the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse. Its a very good mouse that many professionals use to get high performance from their computers in both gaming and general computing tasks.

Is claw or palm grip better?

A: Claw grip has more use in VR and is great for games like Beat Saber. Palm position can be better for some people, such as those with arthritis or other joint problems. For the most part, it really depends on your hand size and personal preference.

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