AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker Review: Does it Work?

AnyUnlock is a brand new iPhone password unlocker that lets you bypass your device’s passcode in an easy and secure way. Does it work? Is it worth the money? Read our review to find out.

The anyunlock iphone password unlocker reviews is a review of the iPhone Password Unlocker. It has been reviewed by many sources, but does it really work?

Do you need a thorough AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker evaluation? You’ve arrived to the correct location.

What would you do if you forget the passcode to your iPhone or iPad? Many technical stages may be followed. However, iPhone passcode removers may help you in this situation. One of them is AnyUnlock. It may save you time and prevent you from getting into trouble. But, how does this software work? Is it effective? You will learn more about it in our AnyUnlock iPhone PasswordUnlocker review. This evaluation will contain all advantages, disadvantages, real-world performance, and price information.


Review of iMobie AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker

I used AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker on my own iPhone and iPad to write this review. To obtain the best results from the review, I considered user comments and compared its functionality, UI, and other aspects to those of other comparable passcode removers.

Quick Summary, Rating, Pros & Cons of Anyunlock – iPhone Password Unlocker $31.99


Anyunlock – iPhone Password Unlocker is the name of the program.

31.99 (offer price)

USD is the currency used.

Windows and macOS are the two operating systems available.

Utility is a kind of application.

  • 10/10 for features
  • 9.5/10 for performance
  • 9/10 for user interface
  • 7/10 for price


iMobie Anyunlock – iPhone Password Unlocker is a must-have app for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch owners who want to unlock their devices. It also has the ability to decrypt iTunes backups. This program is unique in that certain passcodes may be removed without causing data loss.


  • Can remove any kind of passcode, even some without causing data loss.
  • Simple to Use
  • Is It Possible To Remove Apple ID?
  • Encryption Remover for iTunes Backups
  • Password Recovery from Backup

Requirements for the system:

AnyUnlock is a little piece of software. There’s no need to be concerned about system requirements. Here are the system requirements for your convenience.

Processor Which is better, Intel or AMD? For Windows, a 32/64-bit processor with a clock speed of 1 GHz or higher is required. Silicon from Intel or Apple For Mac, a processor with a clock speed of 1 GHz or higher is required.
RAM 512 MB+
Space on the Hard Drive 500 MB+
System of Operation Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, both 32bit and 64bit macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, OS X 10.11, 10.10, OS X High Sierra, OS X Sierra, OS X Sierra, OS X Sierra, OS X Sierra, OS X Sierra, OS X Sierra, OS X Sierra, OS X Sierra, OS X Sierra, OS X Sierra, OS X
Other Windows comes with pre-installed music.


Technical Specifications & Features:

There are a number of functions in iMobie AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker. Let’s have a look at the technical aspects before we go into them.

Name of the software iPhone Password Unlocker – AnyUnlocker
Publisher iMobie
Version that has been reviewed 1.4.0
Languages that are supported English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and Arabic are some of the languages spoken.
iOS Devices That Are Compatible iPhone models range from the iPhone 3G through the iPhone 13 Pro Max. All iPad models are available. iPod Touch: iPod Touch 2, iPod Touch 3, iPod Touch 4, iPod Touch 5, iPod Touch 6, iPod Touch 7, iPod Touch 8, iPod Touch 9, iPod Touch

The following are some of the features and advantages of AnyUnlock iPhone Password Unlocker:

  • Passcode to Unlock the Screen
  • Apple ID can be unlocked
  • MDM should be avoided (Mobile Device Management)
  • Screentime Passcode Unlock
  • Encryption of iTunes backups should be disabled.
  • Password Recovery for iTunes Backups
  • Password Manager for iOS
  • Without Losing Data, Unlock


Unlock Passcodes of All Kinds

The ability to remove passcodes is, without a doubt, the greatest feature of AnyUnlock. You can simply unlock any kind of screen passcode using this program. It doesn’t matter whether you forget your passcodes, can’t get into your iPhone owing to many unsuccessful tries, or if Face ID and Touch ID aren’t functioning. Because AnyUnlock iPhone Password Unlocker allows you to get full access to your iPhone with ease. Some locks may also be removed without affecting your data.


Apple ID can be unlocked

One of the most inconvenient circumstances is forgetting your Apple ID password. You won’t be able to accomplish a lot on your iPhone or iPad because of it. It’s also impossible to get rid of the ID without putting in the password. Fortunately, Anyunlock may be used to delete that Apple ID. With this fantastic function on this iPhone passcode unlocker, iMobie has made it feasible.


MDM should be bypassed or removed.

MDM is inconvenient, particularly if you purchase a secondhand iPhone with MDM Lock. There may be a number of problems with the MDM (Mobile Device Management) lock. AnyUnlock iPhone Password Unlocker may also assist you in removing these vexing issues. It does not require any complicated procedures other than a few mouse clicks.


Encryption and Password Recovery for iTunes Backups

You may have specified a password for your iTunes backup to guarantee security. Regrettably, you have already forgotten it. However, you must restore your iPhone using the encrypted backup. What a terrible scenario! Fortunately, you may retrieve that password and continue recovering the iPhone from the backup using Anyunlock. With this iPhone passcode remover, you may also disable backup encryption without having to type the lost password. After that, you won’t have to worry about backing up your iPhone.


Password Manager for iOS

Who these days remembers all of their passwords? Nobody. On your iPhone, you may have a number of passwords stored, including social media accounts, email accounts, Wi-Fi credentials, and passwords for a variety of other applications. Anyunlock’s iOS Password Manager tool can let you see all of the passwords you’ve stored on your iPhone. You may also export to password managers like Dashlane and 1Password, among other places.


User-Interface Design:

AnyTrans, PhoneRescue, AnyFix, and other iMobie applications have a reputation for having great user interfaces. AnyUnlock isn’t any different. It has a fantastic user interface. It is extremely easy to use because to its simple and basic appearance. I had no problems since all of the required choices were there in front of me. The user interface is also very contemporary. When you hover your mouse over choices or access/exit any feature, it features a nice motion and transition.

As you can see in the pictures, the interface has a light backdrop with greenish symbols and black writing. Overall, the user interface should be flawless. A dark mode option, on the other hand, would be ideal.


AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker Review: Features, Performance, and More

I utilized AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker to gain a practical understanding of it. For me, it worked perfectly.

You may launch this program and activate it using the license key once it has been installed on your PC or Mac. Connect your iPhone or iPad after that, and then choose your chosen unlocking method. That’s exactly what I did. I attempted to unlock the door and was successful.


Without causing data loss, the Screen Time Passcode may be removed.

While all other passcode removal methods need erasing your iPhone using Anyunlock, the screen time passcode removal technique is unique. There’s no need to be concerned about data loss. I was able to erase the passcode without losing any data. As a result, the assertion is correct.

How Does AnyUnlock Unlock iPhone Passwords Work?

The operation of this passcode remover is extremely simple. It works in the same way as other comparable applications. To use this program, you must first connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac using the appropriate connection. Then, choose the appropriate technique. AnyUnlock will get the most recent operating system for your iPhone/iPad and flash it with the firmware you’ve downloaded. That’s how easy it is to complete the procedure.

However, you will need to observe certain safety precautions when doing these procedures, which will be displayed on the AnyUnlock page on your computer. You will not unplug your device while the procedure is running since this may cause the gadget to malfunction.


The Responsiveness and Performance

I found this program to be extremely responsive when using it. All of the features functioned as expected. All of the procedures it performed went off without a hitch. You should not be concerned about compatibility if you own an Apple Silicon Mac, such as the M1 Mac. I didn’t get the impression that it was running via Rosetta 2.

Overall, there are no issues with the performance or responsiveness.



You may test AnyUnlock iPhone Password Unlocker for free on iMobie. However, you will need a license to enjoy the full experience. After using our discount code, the price for one device begins at $31.99 per year. They do, however, charge differently for Windows and Mac. The following are the specifics.

Price Validity Limitation of the device
$39.99 $31.99 for Microsoft Windows $49.99 $39.99 (Mac) 1 Year 1 computer and 1 iOS device
Windows is $59.99. $69.99 (Mac) Lifetime 1 computer and 5 iOS devices
Windows version is $35.99. $45.99 (Mac) 3 Months

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee on all programs!


There are no significant drawbacks to the functions that I’ve discovered. It does, however, have separate prices for Mac and Windows, which I didn’t like. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay since it’s not free software.

The Bottom Line:

iMobie AnyUnlock iPhone Password Unlocker is a fantastic program. It offers features that comparable tools don’t have. Furthermore, it is functional and passed my real-world test. As a result, I strongly advise the audience to use this iPhone passcode remover.

You may have made your choice after reading this Anyunlock iPhone Password Unlocker review. I recommend giving it a trial first and then purchasing it if you are pleased with the features.


The anyunlock activation code is a service that claims to be able to unlock iPhones for free. It has been in the news recently, and many people are wondering if it works or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AnyUnlock erase data?

No, AnyUnlock does not erase any data from your PS4.

Is Imobie AnyUnlock free?

Yes, it is free to use.

Can you really unlock an iPhone without passcode?

Yes, you can unlock an iPhone without passcode.

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